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Friday, April 29, 2011

Against the odds....

The odds are most people wont follow this blog because our civilizations fear based paradigm is evolving to be greater than ever before. Perhaps the 6 billion plus in global population can be used as an explanation, but what I find interesting are the excuses people come up with to avoid the truth about the human condition while the vast majority feel the human instinct to live their life in freedom, and claim they have the courage to do so.

Katabatikos is a greek word meaning, going down hill. The word was later shortened and used to name the cold arctic winds called The Katabatic Winds. These winds come from very high elevations and drop down the slopes of mountains, across glasiers, push icebergs, and influence the cooling of the planet. Katabatic can be used as a good metaphore for what many think the fearful, ignorant, and incompetent people need to wake up, enlighten themselves, and develop the courage to face and conquer lifes obsticles and barriors in securing liberty, freedom, and independence.

The first step is to realise there are authoritarian entities on this planet who believe they are entitled to control everything from spirituality and politics to weather patterns and your brain. They are the "Control Freaks" who dont give a damn about you. This is not to be confused with your parents! Your parents care, its just that they had their own lives to be responsible for long before you were born. Anyway, these control freaks dont care if you stay alive or die, because either way, they will extort you. In death they go after your assets and your family. In life they indoctrinate you into slavery when you are too nieve to know about it.

So, if you have the courage and a sense of humor, follow along from time to time as different topics are posted.

Good Luck!

PS - I would like to thank my wife for creating this blog for me to vent so she doesnt have to listen to me complaining about the world out loud around the house as much. LOL

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  1. Your welcome and I really dont mind you voicing your opinions and concerns about the world we live in around the house... You keep it lively!